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Don't sweat the small stuff

Last week was rough. Sarah lost a (new) shoe at school and after searching and searching I couldn't find it. I was really down about it, not because she lost her shoe, but because another child told me a bullying kid took it. My mama-bear came out and I was pissed that (bully kid) was messing with Sarah, but Sarah didn't mention anything about him, and I don't even think he crossed her radar. Anyway, I don't know, I just felt sad and low the rest of the day. The next day, the shoe magically showed up! (At school) I was so thankful and overjoyed. But I realized, yet again, don't sweat the small stuff.

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Me, the comedian

At the Red Sox / Yankees game last Friday, we were given a souvenir lanyard which had the box score of the first Fenway game printed on it. (That game was played between Boston Red Sox and New York, but New York's team was called the Highlanders that year.) There was a Sox player named "Nunamaker" which I thought sounded like a funny name. Neither Chris nor I had heard the name before.

At the game, there was a slideshow of historical Red Sox photos and they had one pic of nuns at the baseball game. It was a funny pic and we were laughing about it, and then I thought of Nunamaker.

So in my best Boston accent:

"Nunnamaker?! I thought you said he was a RUN-a-maker!"



Red Bull gives you Wings

Sometimes Paul escapes when I'm changing him and runs around naked. I usually warn Chris of this by saying "Buns on the run!" but at some point I started singing it to the tune of "Band on the run". I've also managed to put more lyrics to it, but mainly it is: Buns on the run! Buns on the run.

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Sarah funny

Tonight we were playing a game with Sarah where we describe an animal and everyone has to guess what animal it is.

We started off "I have a long tail, I eat bananas, I have brown fur..."

Sarah got it: "Monkey!"

Then Sarah took her turn: "I have legs, I have big nostrils, and I'm BIG."

No one got it.

She said "Hippo!"

(Stunned silence)

Then, without missing a beat, she said "Nailed it!"



Belly Button

Belly Button by anna banana
Belly Button, a photo by anna banana on Flickr.

Beep beep!

"After Phineas' marriage to Catharine Vernon, he was sited by the Quakers for the practice of taking strong liquor to excess, of abusing Peter Buffington, and also misbehaving with a young woman. Phineas appealed these charges."


I made butter chicken tonight, but it turned out too spicy and lacking in some element that makes it sorta sweet. Blah! What are the secrets, oh great 'Passage to India' chefs? Obviously less chili, but perhaps something else... Coconut milk? *ponders* I will have to search for some more recipes. Or perhaps I'll just make up my own! (I was a bit annoyed by the method used in the recipe from AllRecipes.com and thought of a better way it could have been done...)

On a related note: We went to 'Passage to India' on Sunday for the buffet. When the bus boy came to pick up our plates, Sarah told him "I'm all done, chef!" which cracked everyone up. She's a hoot!


We are staying at the Cypress Hotel in Cupertino tonight. Our room is so luxurious and we have the biggest bathtub (jetted!) I've ever seen! Chris just went to pick up dinner and I'm watching the Giants game. Fun times!!!

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Cutie Paul

Cutie Paul
Originally uploaded by anna banana
Who's a cutie? Paul's a cutie!!!

Mama and Paul

Mama and Paul
Originally uploaded by anna banana
Grammy knitted this awesome hoodie for Paul!